David Rockefeller, Master of Terror

In his 2002 published book, Memoirs, the Lucifarian Moneychanger, David Rockefeller glories in his wickedness even unto boasting of what he now does not fear to indicate he is guilty of:

For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

It should be noted that Rockefeller has vast more power and wealth than most people would ever want to believe possible.  What would you do with stock in the privately held Federal Reserve Bank?  Trillions stolen from the people for nearly a century, and in the last year, the most unprecedented looting of the people in modern history.  The FED has stolen enough money in the last year to pay off all mortgages on all assets, homes, and commercial real estate 3 times over.  Robbery.  Supreme Plunder and thievery.  It should not startle us to therefore realize that the God of this land, even Jesus Christ has pledged in his wrath to overthrow the money changers in His due time.  David Rockefeller and his viper colleague murderers, be ye warned of your coming overthrow and destruction, for you shall fall into the pit you dig for the righteous and God fearing, Liberty loving people who worship Christ in goodness and honor.

Dr. Skousen shares this insight:

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Viper Bankers, and The Stooge Puppets They Choose as US Presidents

Venomous, Treasonous and wicked men, be it the super-socialst Bush who shortly into his first term was spending twice what Clinton did (in non-military spending), and the next stooge and puppet Obama, termed “Bush on Steroids.”  Same Policies continue, same shadow government calling the shots.  David Rockefeller laughs, boasts in his autobiography, “Memoirs,” of “conspiring against the best interest of the United States” and of being part of a “secret cabal” working to bring about a “new world” order—his words, not ours.

Fools mock those using the word “conspiracy” and refuse to understand and comprehend that David Rockefeller can now boast of his treason and conspiracy without fear of reprisal from the American Sheeple.  Fortunately, more and more folks are awaking.  The Federal Reserve Private Monopoly Bank of Supreme Plunder is trembling as two thirds of the US House of Representatives are now backing Congressman Ron Paul’s bill that would audit the Federal Reserve, the Private, mass robbery and plundering abomination that must be terminated, and will be when America goes forward with a sound economy and prosperity with a new and bright fresh light of freedom and liberty, with happiness of a righteous people who return to the US Constitution as intended when it was adopted in 1787.

If you want this document, download a bigger version here in Jpeg format, or take the Photoshop File and Modify as you Please, spread the word on these treasonous bankers, and their viper-picked US Presidents, Userpers-in-Cheif.

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Correctly, Bush and Obama Depicted as Vicious, Murderous Villains—Though No Toleration Shown in Disrespecting His Highness, the Userper god, Obama

Oh man, some really fun stuff with these posters. 

If I were rich, I’d begin a line of clothing that would be nothing but remixed propaganda posters that would inflame the dupes and fools into argument over the real issues.  I would put such images on good clothing.  I myself would wear such stuff everywhere and invite it to be an instigation toward conversation with my fellow citizens in order to wake them up to the nightmare of both the Democrat and Republican traitors who are united in destroying the United States of America.

Fools think that Bush was “conservative.”  Why don’t they wake up to the game being played on them?  Bush was put in power by the same folks who put Obama in Power.  Bush vs Kerry in 2004?  Staged.  False.  Both were fellow brothers in league to secret oaths, pertaining both to the secret society at Yale  called “Skull and Bones.”  When both were questioned about this by Tim Russert on Meet the Press (R.I.P.), they both refused to answer questions.  And what fool American can be dumb enough to think they were actually opposed to each other?

What fool American think Obama is anything different than Bush?  Same policies continue, banker bailouts, curtailing and civil liberties, US Troops being killed in foreign entanglements that are actually increasing, as US Troops now guard vast poppy fields in Afganastan.

Oh, when will we wake up.

Damned be the frothing mouth or typist who will come here and scream and cry racism for the following pictures.  Racism is not at play here.  Bush and Obama are both vicious socialists/fascists, who cares about the color of their skin. To see more like these go here.

Bull, Mr. Biden, Ron Paul has been speaking it straight for 3 decades, as have plenty of others that are never brought onto Cable Network news shows, lest the Rockefeller/Rothschild Federal Reserve Private Monopoly Bank of Supreme Plunder be exposed.  It is now being exposed, and on the defense, and it appears the maniacs in power, villainous as depicted above will stage more terror upon their own citizens and nations before they let the people wake up more of their citizens and reign in the Private Monopoly bank.  When you do stage more terror upon us, we will not be conned in as great of numbers as the last time, and indeed, blood will be all over your hands Mr. President, Vice President, and other traitors in the Congress who work against the oath you swore—for indeed, you are the enemies that are domestic now attempting to overthrow the US Constitution.

Failure to Use US Military Grade Nano Thermite Here, As Occurred on 9/11 in WTC 1, 2 and Building 7

Note what happens here where the failure to use thermite fails to pulverize the building as occurred on 9/11, where nothing but dust was left from the concrete, steel beams were blown way out and severed—all with high end nano-thermite, as is being exposed by courageous scientists.

Death of Man Gored in Pamplona’s “Running of the Bull’s” in Spain

LDS Mission Presidents pull the Elders out of this city each year durring the first weeks of August, and good reason.  He doesn’t want to send some stupid acting Elder home in a body bag.  How many Elders have made the run?  Hmmm, certainly some have done so.

Fiesta’s in Spain are the most interesting and exciting to be had in most anyplace on earth, or so many other European’s have stated it so.  In Bilbao to the north, anyone can get  into the bull ring and run with a bull in there, and many, many tourists do so.  This takes place every morning for a week in August, and the entertainment value is quite high.  Warning:  Don’t get in the ring if intoxicated.  You just don’t stand as good a chance of dodging a bull in that state.

Ron Paul Speaks July 9th of Auditing the Fed, Chairman Bernanke Warning Against it.

250 members of Congress backing Ron Paul’s bill?  Simply unheard of in his career.  And why?  Because Ron Paul had a huge campaign, and his colleagues know it.  They know that he too would be President today were he given the free and constant media coverage that Obama, McCain and Clinton had.  As it was, the media combined against Ron Paul and his message.  Despite this, Ron Paul took in more campaign contributions from active US Military than all other candidates combined.  He also won all time fund raising records—funds from real citizens, no the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Big Pharma-Complex.

Good American’s pray for the furtherance of this agenda of freedom, and add to their prayers the protection of this man who does not cower to the vile and murderous robbers who fill the judgment seats.

Tom Woods on Glenn Beck, Judge Napolitano Guest Hosting

Wow, to think that Glenn Beck could have such a great guest host.

Here is discussed the trash dealing with the vile government takeover of General Motors, a company betrayed from within by the elite who ran it into the ground on purpose.  They do this on purpose to all huge companies, running them into the ground and into debt to themselves (bankers) only to be bailed out by the US Congress and “loan guarantees” put upon the backs of US Taxpayers.  G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island” touches many of these, notably Penn Central Railroad, which is now Amtrak, after the government bailout and loan guarantees to bankers who ran the company into the ground after taken management of it and destroying it.  Now taxpayers subsidize this company and government got into the “railroad business” when it took over the company the bankers destroyed.