Joel Skousen, Steven Jones and Jack Monnett audio download now available…

This is great audio. Joel Skousen blasts the blind and duped fools among the LDS people who mentally stone living prophets, who refuse to understand some of the major themes of the Book of Mormon, including that strong theme of Secret Combinations. This is a delightful and wonderful audio file and lecture from Joel, followed then by the great Dr. Steven E. Jones, followed by Dr. Jack Monnett, author of “Awakening to our Awful Situation Warnings From the Nephite Prophets.”

Brian writes:


Someone that made an audio recording of the recent Joel Skousen, Steven Jones and Jack Monnett meeting asked me to host the download on my website. It’s now available at this link:


I would have thought that someone else would have already made this available online but I am not aware of any? are you?

I also understand that Tim Costello made a video recording of the event? Is this video online yet? I would like to put it online if it’s not.

Let me know if you know anything about the video… also, please let others know about this audio recording available to download.


Brian Mecham.

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