Joel Skousen Unravels LDS Susceptibility to be Bamboozled
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Joel Skousen MP3 37mb (right click "save target as")

Here is an audio recording to a packed house in Orem Utah, beginning with Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief. Joel gives a masterful disemination of truth and of "things as they really are. How is it that so many LDS people are so easily bamboozled?

LDS Church President Joseph F. Smith warned that three things threaten the church from within in the last days, number one being "flatter from prominent men of the world." Joel goes in to explain this here, he is the first speaker in this recording, followed by the Triumphant Steven E. Jones, a very prominent man in the field of physics, whose 1995 paper on the WTC Collapse delighted the honest in heart, the seeker of truth. Dr. Jack Monnett is the third man heard in this audio file, Dr. Monnett is the author of the 2006 published work "Awakening to our Awful Situation Warning from the Nephite Prophets."